Pro Actors Lab

Auditing Our Classes 

Lautrec image - comic actorWe encourage and recommend that students new to the Lab audit our classes. Voice and movement classes are NOT open to auditors.

Audit Fee for David Rotenberg's classes is $20, except his New Students Class, in which auditors are required to attend all three classes, and must pay the full audit fee of $225 (3 x $75 including HST) on the first day, in cash or by cheque payable to "Joe and Beth and She and Me Prod. Ltd."

The standard audit fee for all other classes is $10.  Any on-camera or acting class may be audited.  No need to sign-up beforehand, although it is advisable to reserve for New Students Class.  As a courtesy, please arrive 15 minutes before class begins--so as not to disrupt the class--and introduce yourself to the instructor.  Late comers will not be seated.  Please sit in the back two rows and bring a pen and paper to take notes.