Please apply for current sessions now posted.

David on Zoom David Rotenberg is offering the following classes:

  • Master Class will run on Sundays at 6pm, starting Sep 17th (five weeks – $475 CAD);
  • Advanced Class will run on Mondays at 6pm, starting Sep 11th (six weeks – $570 CAD);
  • Techniques Class ($620 CAD): next session will run Wed 4:30pm starting October 4th;
  • Advanced ZOOM Class with David Rotenberg ($510 CAD or $460 USD): six-week session on Tuesdays 6-9pm, next session will start Sep 26th;
  • 30-Minute Private FaceTime Session with David Rotenberg

Please email Ari Pollack at for more information on joining class, or auditing class, or to book a private coaching. Click here to apply to David’s Acting Classes.

Online application is a three-step process:  (1) complete the required fields, read the waiver, and submit the form for class;   (2) submit your picture and resume (showing your actor experience and training to date); and,   (3) send payment promptly (once accepted). The printable form which the system generates will state clear instructions on whom to pay and how, depending on the payment method you selected. Applications are accepted after the deadline; however, we recommend that you email the instructor directly, if deadline has passed. NOTE: Submission does NOT guarantee acceptance, which is at the instructor’s discretion. If you are not accepted into class, any pre-paid session fees will be returned to you. CLICK ON THE NAME BELOW TO APPLY:

DAVID ROTENBERG (on-camera acting & ZOOM classes)

JEFF CLARKE (on-camera acting classes) -APPLY BY OCT 16

MARVIN HINZ (on-camera acting, script analysis) -Apply by OCT 24

PHYLLIS COHEN (General American Accent) -apply by OCt 9

An annual Registration Fee of $75.00 (including HST) will be charged to each student who applies to any class at the Lab. This should be submitted with your application. The fee may be paid by cheque to David Rotenberg’s company “Joe and Beth and She and Me Productions Ltd.” OR paid via eTransfer sent to

Note that all students must apply online.

We recommend you apply online and pay via eTransfer. If you have any questions about a particular class, please email the instructor directly.