We would like to assure students that their safety is our first concern.

Classes are being held in-studio at the Lab once again. Even though provincial guidelines are being relaxed, class sizes and policies will vary from instructor to instructor, as do the vaccination requirements. The seating (viewing) area has been setup to allow for distancing, and we advise that people keep masks on during class, except when shooting their scenes.

An acting “corral” has been created for shooting with distance. Our cameras will be set up for stationary shooting to limit contact.  Tables and props should be wiped down between shoots as a precaution. Here are a few other considerations:

  • Before applying to class, understand the vaccination requirements for that instructor.
  • Contact your instructor ASAP if have to miss a class, or if you are feeling ill.
  • IF your have flu or cold symptoms, do not come to class. (You will be credited for any time you have to miss.) Inform your instructor if you have been at risk of exposure or have traveled recently. Please isolate for the five-day time period, as province advises.
  • The lab uses a screening tool and has been recording temperatures to track any symptom. This may continue into April and May, depending on the instructor or what any given group requires.
  • Yes still wash your hands often and use the hand-sanitizer provided, and bring a mask from home, and expect to wear it at all times–whenever you are not shooting your scene.