David Rotenberg‘s Master Class IN-STUDIO >>CLICK TO APPLY
($540 for six-week class – Sunday nights)
The Master Class is for actors who have already had, or are presently cast in large roles in television or film. On the whole the master class is for students who have studied with David for some time. Some accomplished actors join the Master Class without having worked with David but take the New Students Class at the same time. {Audit fee: $25}

David Rotenberg‘s Advanced Class IN-STUDIO >>CLICK TO APPLY
($540 for six-week class – Monday nights)
The Advanced Class is for actors who have completed the New Students Class and are progressing well in the profession. It is an especially effective class for actors who have done much theatre work but little TV or film. {Audit fee: $25}

($620 for 3-week class – Wednesdays)
The Techniques Class is a place where David lays out an overview of the technical foundations for this unique and highly successful approach to acting. It is a pre-requisite for getting into his Advanced and Master Classes. Formerly know as his New Students Class, this is not a class for beginning actors, but rather for those actors who are anxious to find a way to work on-camera or just make their acting more rewarding. The THIRD class of this session (audition technique) will be held over ZOOM; the first two classes IN-STUDIO.
(Auditors of this class must receive special permission and must attend all three classes, and must pay the $225 audit fee in advance.)

David Rotenberg‘s Advanced Acting Class OVER ZOOM >>CLICK TO APPLY
($480 for six-week class – Tuesday nights)
For those who are out of town or are not fully vaccinated, David offer this On-Camera Acting Class OVER ZOOM most Tuesdays at 6:30pm. Generally, this class is for advanced actors who are progressing well in the profession. Contact admin@proactorslab.com for more details.

David Rotenberg’s Intermediate Acting Class IN-STUDIO >>CLICK TO APPLY
($480 for 4-week class – Wednesdays)
This class is specifically designed for those who have already taken the New Students Class with David or have studied with David before. Some students might be taken into the class who are presently attending the New Students Class. Some of the class time will be devoted to highly structured improvisational work designed to help the actor use the Lab’s unique acting system, with an emphasis on Getting Present. The rest of the time will be used for the performance of scenes on camera. As an afternoon class it is understood that students may need to arrive late or leave early due to the demands of auditioning. We expect the actors at the Lab to audition. Auditions are good, auditions are good, auditions are good. {Audit fee: $25}

Jeff Clarke‘s Advanced On-Camera Classes >>CLICK TO APPLY
$438 plus HST for six-week class – Tuesdays & Wednesdays at 6:30pm; Mondays when available.
These classes are for actors with professional training and/or film and TV experience. We will explore adding depth, spontaneity and most importantly, how to be more compelling in your work. The classes will primarily focus on contemporary scene study for the camera, methods of self-direction, and analysis for the actor, as well as cold readings and the realities of preparing and auditioning for casting directors. All participating students will work every class and receive a copy of their work. Terminology and technique will be studied and applied as challenges arise in particular scenes. (Limit of 12 students: all students must be verified as fully vaccinated.)

Jeff Clarke‘s Audition Workshops >>CLICK TO APPLY
$75 plus HST per class (when available)
This is a class for students with previous training or professional experience. Preference will be given to students currently studying with Jeff. We will be focusing on auditions and the specific challenges and opportunities that arise, in person (yes, they will happen again), with self-tapes and online. All work will be filmed, and copies provided. (All students must be verified as fully vaccinated.)

Acting Fundamentals with Marvin Hinz >>CLICK TO APPLY
($299 to $438 plus HST, depending on length of the session)
This is a class designed for beginner actors who want a better understanding of how to get present, to define actions (or objectives), to play tactics, and to access truthful and authentic emotions. We will run exercises to de-construct and embody text, access primary emotions, as well as examine how to improve your tactical choices in a scene or a monologue. The goal is always to make your work more consistent and more compelling. Scenes will be shot on-camera to allow for feedback and review of your takes and your adjustments. Advanced actors are also welcome to apply, for any who are feeling “ungrounded” or need a review of the technique and concepts. This two-hour class is limited to 8 people. Auditors are only allowed by permission.

Introduction to On-Camera Acting with Marvin Hinz >>CLICK TO APPLY
($367 to $438 plus HST, depending on length of the session)
This is a class for actors who have made the choice to pursue acting professionally. Focusing primarily on scene study, these classes will reveal a specific method of acting for the camera created by David Rotenberg.  Students will be asked to work on the following: achieving Present Tense in front of the camera; working moment-to-moment; using primary emotional states of being rather than secondary emotional states; clarifying actions (or objectives); and using scene icons “to get you in” at the top of a scene.

Marvin Hinz‘s On-Camera Acting (II & III) >>CLICK TO APPLY
($367 to $438 plus HST, depending on length of the session)
A stronger focus on actions and tactical play (relationships), but otherwise a continuation of the process and technique established in Introduction to On-Camera Acting.  We will also spend more time on scene analysis and on how to continue to make salient, compelling choices specific to your work.

Interpreting Sides for Film and TV with Marvin Hinz >>CLICK TO APPLY
($319 plus HST, depending on class format–Zoom classes are lower in price)
Don’t Get Suckered by the Script! This class was created in response to numerous requests from students who are “stuck” when confronted with the task of auditioning with thin, minimal or poorly-written sides or breakdowns. Students will be encouraged to bring in “real-life” examples to analyze whenever possible. Some table work will be required, as we examine scripts and scenes (both “good” and “bad”), looking at how to define icons, beats, and “moments before.” Our goal is to be consistent and to make stronger, more effective choices with whatever we are given.  How to approach auditions will also be covered.  In some cases, students will be sent sides two-days before, to simulate the process and as a way of addressing time constraints and problems that occur.  Time permitting, we will also practice cold readings using the “short-hand” terminology developed by David Rotenberg.

General American Accent Workshop with Phyllis Cohen   >>CLICK TO APPLY
($260 including HST for a 3-week workshop over ZOOM)
Being able to speak with the General American Accent is essential for every actor working in Film and TV. It can mean getting the job or not. This intensive workshop will help you identify the differences between the general Canadian and American accents, from the complexity of vocal mechanics and “oral posture” to the simplicity of American word pronunciations. You will leave with the tools to make adjustments comfortably and easily, to make the accent your own, and to understand how to continue working on it when the course is over. NOTE: this class is CLOSED to auditors.