“Throughout my twenty plus years as a professional actor, I have worked and studied with David Rotenberg. David has fostered, nurtured, challenged, and championed me all that time. As a director and as a teacher, his reflections are concise, considered, and personally accurate. His ideas about acting are compelling, intelligent, practical, and come from a place of respect.”


“Having the Master Class as a regular lab to work out in has provided me with a solid skill set for my work that translates over from film, tv to stage and even voice work. David’s approach and ideology revolves around finding ways of making the work more compelling, understanding relationship, status and states of being.  When I find myself questioning my storyline or struggling with trying to root down, get present and be available for the work and my scene partners, my years at the lab kick in, and I use the tools I’ve developed to help me shape and create the most compelling work I can.”

STEPHANIE BELDING (Incorporated, Remedy)

“David’s constant encouragement, support and advice is what has kept me going in this industry. He is a brilliant teacher who always pushes me to explore outside of my comfort zone while providing a comfortable and safe class atmosphere. He really is a teacher who invests in his students. David has always made me feel like I belong in the acting world, that I’m good enough and not to doubt myself – the opposite of what this industry continuously tells us as artists. I depend greatly on David for class, audition prep, set prep, agent talks, how to navigate this crazy world talks, etc. and he ALWAYS shows up for me.”

MEGAN HUTCHINGS (Beauty and the Beast, LA Complex)

“I have been studying at the Professional Actors Lab with David Rotenberg for over three years now. The way David works on scripts allows the actor to become more compelling on-camera. Through his specific terminology and techniques, he provides ways for the actor to become present with his/her acting partner. David focuses as well on the business of acting and provides an incredible amount of support for every person he works with. Since being at the Lab I have worked with so many talented actors, made great connections outside of class and it has opened up doors for me.”


“I love the Lab. And I remain confounded by David’s keen, consistent, and exacting focus he applies to each and every one of his actors. An infinitely kind, patient and honest instructor. I am extremely proud of the work we accomplished together!”

ZERHA LEVERMAN (X-Men: Apocalypse)

“I have learned so much from being in class with David, and I never honestly found myself as an actor until studying with him. From watching other students in class and going up to do my own scenes, it always amazes me to see how we are all capable of making the words and characters our own, under David’s guidance.”

JESSALYN WANLIM (Alex Cross, A Cinderella Story: Once Upon a Song, My Sassy Girl)

“This is an industry that tends to feed its artists with a lot of Bulls**t, which could lead you astray. David tells you exactly what you NEED to hear, and not what you WANT to hear.”

MAL DASSIN (Left for Dead, Hemlock Grove, I’m Only Sleeping)

The Professional Actors Lab is exactly that—a place for professional actors to go and explore, develop and sharpen their skills in a rigorous environment. David’s work provided the foundation for my—of hundreds of my working colleagues’—understanding of the complex relationship between the actor and the camera. It is equal parts emboldening and liberating. Taking his class is easily the best way for me to feel more confident in auditions and to book more work.  His work reinvigorated my passion for acting and made me more excited and proud to be an actor than I’d been since I was a teenager …David’s precision and his sensitivity to each actor’s history and technique make his teaching feel custom-tailored. I look forward to his classes like I used look forward to field trips as a child. Each one feels as new, exciting and eye-opening as the last.”

MARC BENDAVID (Dark Matter, Man vs. Minivan; Her Husband’s Betrayal)

“Like a great Jazz composer, David Rotenberg’s teaching and method consistently inspire me to take risks and discover the surprising and truthful moment with my fellow artists. With an unparalleled attention to the work and the artist, David shines a bright light on the noble and transformative power of channeling one?s life experience through acting.”

NOAM JENKINS (Rookie Blue, Watch Dogs, Saw II, John Q)

“David is a great advisor and teacher – his perception is strong, his advice is useful and usable, he opened my mind to a new way of viewing my acting and I’m always more satisfied with my work in an audition or on a role if I have had an in-depth, fun, and enlightening talk with him. His class keeps me on my toes, and helps me find more life in my work.”

GORDON RAND (Maps to the Stars, The Cry of the Owl, Hamlet at the Worldstage in Toronto)

“As a trained actor for almost 40 years I have had many teachers dispense their ways and their wisdoms to my big-headed skull. David work with me at Pro Actors Lab outshines them all. In almost 20 years of participating in his Master Class, it is the generous simplicity of his approach that has resonated in me for years. At every audition and on every ‘Roll camera!’  —David’s mensch-y ways can spin a process round and turn it inside out, revealing the actor’s greatest potential.”

MATT BIRMAN (American Psycho, Land of the Dead, X-Men)

“David’s innate ability to crack open a scene and seek the most compelling story is unparalleled. He works the minutiae and pushes you to achieve a breadth of specificity that will keep your work rooted and honest. He spurs you past any preconceived limitations you may have set, and allows you to find your own truth. His teaching has helped me immensely. I highly recommend his class to anyone looking to take their art form to the next level.”

TORI ANDERSON (Open Heart, Killing Daddy, The Mermaid Chair)