It was more than I expected. If you are an actor, then I highly recommend you add this to your resume…. Diana-Lynn S.

This course was fantastic…. The drills and accent tasks are really well developed, fun and guaranteed to improve both confidence and overall accent skills of the participant, no matter what your background or native accent…. Alex S.

I hoped, but never imagined, the accessible takeaways from taking just a 3-day General American Accent workshop with Phyllis Cohen …Taking this course was money well invested…. Stacey B.

Phyllis is a fantastic dialect coach. … I will certainly come back to her for any other dialect work! … Isabella S

Awesome workshop! Phyllis … shows that she truly cares for her students’ progress and successes in their accents … a great teacher…. Khalil J.

Phyllis is incredibly attentive and went above and beyond to offer individual advice and feedback... Niamh C

It was brilliant … Joel B.

It was a great experience … Sara H.

Phyllis is an amazing coach … Kirsten C.

Fantastic class! Excellent value. Highly recommended … Caro C.

An absolute must for any Canadian actor … Nealee B

Phyllis is an amazing teacher … Meyha O

Thank you, Phyllis! … Emma A

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from 2020…

Phyllis Cohen is the best! I am a Traffic Reporter for TV and Radio and my supervisor told me this past week that they hear a difference in my delivery, which I feel has to do with participating in the workshop.


Phyllis Cohen’s General American Accent class is excellent and I highly recommend it. The online format works very well. A very comprehensive, beneficial, and very fun course. Thank you Phyllis for a very well structured and implemented program, and for being available for questions during the week.


[Phyllis Cohen] is a wonderful teacher with a very positive and helpful attitude. You will learn and benefit so much from this workshop!


Phyllis masterfully combines the science and the art of speech and accents. She is thorough and friendly.


Thank you so much for all your imparted wisdom and guidance, Phyllis! I will most certainly be recommending this course to others and look forward to enrolling in other dialects with you in the future.