“…best acting course experience I’ve ever had. [Marvin Hinz] is a fantastic teacher…hilarious, charismatic, insightful, and so passionate about the work… very inspiring.  I’m looking forward to our continued practice….” –Chloe C.

“I have nothing but positive things to say about my sessions with Marvin. I have been working with him for over a year now, and continue to learn, grow and challenge myself, all while being supported and encouraged to maintain authenticity in my acting. I would recommend Marvin to any actor: his classes are the perfect place to nurture your craft amongst people who are there to support and encourage your success.” –Katie W.

“Marvin creates a safe space to work, to learn and to make mistakes. His approach feels personalized and his depth of wisdom helps you uncover intricate new dimensions to your scene work and character.  His class is challenging and uplifting as both an artist and human.” –Sara H.  

“The Pro Actor’s Lab’s method is both clear and wonderfully challenging.  The material has been like a field guide that I’ve referred to and applied to countless character studies. Marvin Hinz’s teaching is that of a relatable expert: totally approachable, with so much to offer; a great environment for learning….” –Kim R.

“Marvin is a wonderful coach who provides great insight and chooses roles that push actors to do their best…I look forward to continuing my training with him….” –Nolan M.

“Marvin’s class is a safe and dynamic environment. He adapts his language to what the actors already know, creating a room where everyone can grow.” –K.M.

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