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What our students say...

Patrick Kwok-Choon,
Star Trek Discovery, SkyMed

"Throughout my career, I've explored a multitude of acting studios, yet I consistently find my way back to Pro Actors Lab, particularly under the mentorship of Jeff Clarke... [who] provides a safe and respectful space, enabling me to hone my skills, take risks, and continuously evolve as an actor.... Whether you're a newcomer embarking on this journey or a seasoned professional in the industry, I highly recommend coming to Pro Actors Lab to refine your craft and push yourself beyond your limits.”

D.J. Demers,
One More Time
on CBC

"When I landed my own show called One More Time on CBC, I knew I should probably learn how to act. I sought out the services of Jeff Clarke at Pro Actors Lab, and I am happy I did. He broke down acting in a way that my meager brain could understand. Jeff is patient, positive, and knowledgeable. In our lessons, I felt comfortable failing, learning and ultimately getting better. In a short time, I had the tools to make compelling television and had a lot of fun along the way. Thanks, Jeff!"

Kate Greenhouse,
Working Moms, Good Witch, Murdoch Mysteries

"The Pro Actors Lab is my go-to space for honing my craft. Jeff is adept at pushing you outside of your comfort zone, while striking a great balance between encouragement and constructive criticism. The Lab keeps me consistently challenged, provides me with a community of like-minded individuals, and ultimately ensures I am well-prepared for set."

Mitchell Court

The Boys, Börje, Murdoch Mysteries

"The classes I’ve taken at Pro Actors Lab, with both Jeff and Marvin, are the first classes that I’ve felt have given me the practical tools needed for working out in the real world. With honest, constructive feedback, and a focus on finding your own authentic version of whatever piece you’re working on, my time at The Lab has pushed me to grow into a much more confident actor. And it’s fun!!  If you’re looking to level up your skills in a highly supportive environment, I’d definitely recommend The Lab."

Brigitte Kingsley,
Actor, Writer, Producer
The Art of Christmas, Cardinal, Astonishing Tales of Terror

"Studying with Jeff Clarke at Pro Actors Lab over the past 3 years has been nothing short of transformative. Jeff’s guidance and insights have been invaluable to my growth as an actor....Jeff has not only deepened my understanding of the craft, but has also guided me through some exciting film projects. I highly recommend Pro Actors Lab as an indispensable resource for anyone seeking to elevate their knowledge and sharpen their skills in the ever-evolving landscape of film and television."

James Andrew Fraser,
The Enemy Within, Bull, Gabriel's Inferno

"Working with Marvin [Hinz] has propelled me forward as an actor, de-mystified the process and allowed me to trust myself, my work, and my talent. It's always a dialogue never a dictatorship. But most importantly his guidance has allowed me to book work and build my confidence on-set.

I'll always be grateful to you Marvin, thank you!"

Joey Belfiore
Letterkenny, Designated Survivor

"I have found myself at home at Pro Actors. It is the first time I have felt that notes on how to better my performance are not general, but rather specifically focused toward me and my tendencies. Every actor is different and responds differently, and I think Jeff [Clarke] truly sees that. He constructs and adapts his coaching based on the individual. I have found no other studio prepares you for what it's like on set the way the Lab does, and it's where I plan to stay."

Sophie Goulet

Murdoch Mysteries, Anne with an E, Eaux Turbulentes

"Marvin [Hinz] is my absolute go-to for auditions. Since self-tapes have re-invented the casting process, Marvin has been an invaluable ressource. He’s reliable, honest, insightful and manages to turn an otherwise stressful experience, into a 30-minute acting class. For an actor, it’s a win-win. Thanks to his sharp observations, subtle guidance, ease in dialogue and accommodating nature, he transforms the space into a safe play zone. I always leave thinking: 'Well, if I don’t get it, at least I had fun.' And when can you say that about an audition!"

Hannah Whitmore,
Murdoch Mysteries, Just Cuddle, Walk in the Park

"Jeff [Clarke] has created a safe space at the Pro Actors Lab that allows us to exercise our craft, hearts, and imaginations. With so much industry experience of his own, he can lend a relative and empathetic eye to our work. Jeff has taught me to analyze scripts and text in a way that allows my unique voice and humanity as an actor to shine through. The truth is always encouraged at the Lab and that is what makes the work so compelling...."

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