What working actors say about PRO ACTORS LAB:

“I have never worked with someone I trust more to help me navigate the rhythms and subtleties of an entire script, and help me to understand all of the opportunities it contains for me to help tell the story as an actor. [David Rotenberg’s] wide range of experience and interests make him much more than just an acting teacher. He is a fiercely dedicated storyteller, and he expects and encourages that same dedication from you.”

Patrick J. Adams (Suits, Luck)

“I’ve studied with many people over the years and I’ve learned to take what works for me and leave what doesn’t. David’s approach really resonates with me. His practice encourages actors to always dig deeper. When I use the tools I’ve learned from him, it makes the difference between a ‘solid’ audition and a ‘spectacular’ audition.”

Trenna Keating (Defiance, Orphan Black)

“My foundation for onscreen acting was established by David Rotenberg at the Professional Actors Lab.”

SARAH GADON (True Detective, Alias Grace, 11-22-63, Man Seeking Woman, Map to the Stars, Murdoch Mysteries, Being Erica, etc.)

“I would not be a working actor if not for the education and guidance that David has given me in the 17+ years I’ve known him.”

Ennis Esmer (Blindspot, Red Oaks, The Listener)

“I got rid of my bad habits, acting hang-ups and nerves at The LAB with David Rotenberg. He left me with the good stuff, and I use that to book jobs.”

KRISTIAN BRUUN (Orphan Black, Murdoch Mysteries, Regression)

“David Rotenberg taught me every single thing I know … pretty much. Not just his contagious passion for this art form and his undeniable love … for actors and storytelling, but he MOST IMPORTANTLY taught me a technique that I use in every moment in an audition or on set. He not only gives you wings to fly from where you are at, he ALSO gives you wings when you don’t know where your wings are.”

KRISTA BRIDGES (Land of the Dead, House at the End of the Street, Narc)

“David Rotenberg has single-handedly had the most profoundly positive impact on the course of my career and my love of acting.”

DEMORE BARNES (12 Monkeys, Hemlock Grove)

“David’s passion for the craft of acting is infectious. His tireless pursuit of mining the truth and vulnerability from his students is matched only by his commitment to ensuring that each and every actor who steps through his door explores the essence of their own uniqueness, and makes their work as compelling as humanly possible.”

Jonas Chernick (Borealis, Lucid, My Awkward Sexual Adventure)

“Studying with David has undeniably changed the way I work, and helped me take my craft to the next level. Allowing me to find honesty and detail, not only in my on camera work, but it all aspects of my process as an actor.”

IAN LAKE (MacBeth, Mary Stuart at Stratford; Once)

“David will find the actor in you and pull it out. His approach to teaching is unlike anything I’ve seen. His dedication to his students is paralleled by his love for the craft. The best acting I’ve ever done has been in his classroom. He teaches his actors to read beyond the lines, to find the true meaning behind the words and ultimately to give the most compelling performance. When you leave his classroom, you feel like you’ve been a part of something special.”

Jordan Hayes (Helix, House at the End of the Street, The F Word)

“If living truthfully under the given circumstances is the goal then I would suggest (after 25 years of studying with just about everyone) that David Rotenberg’s approach is the clearest explication of how to get there. My only regret about studying with David is that I didn’t find him twenty years ago.”

CHRISTOPHER GROVE (Agent Carter, Pretty Little Liars, ER, CSI:NY)

“As a series regular on a major network show, the demands of an actor can be difficult. David Rotenberg coached me episode by episode, and made the process practical and efficient [while] still achieving the best results on-camera and in all my scenes. Very wise, very experienced. I am very humbled to have David at my fingertips—even via Skype all the way from the west coast. Thank you!”

SHAMIER ANDERSON (Wynonna Earp, The Next Step)

“David Rotenberg is the most knowledgeable, articulate, and compassionate acting coach I’ve worked with. The depth of the internal work is unlike anything else you will find in Los Angeles.”

DAVID JULIAN HIRSH (Weeds, Hawthorne)

“David has been invaluable to my career. His breadth of knowledge combined with deeply curious and compassionate heart has made him the master teacher and coach that he is today and has been for the past 30+ years. He is quite possibly the most observant person I have ever met. He’s used the natural gift to help us actors quickly find our way inside our characters. He is a laser. For me he has the incredible ability to say one observation of who the character might be and that alone becomes my launching point. He lights the fire. But most of all I believe David teaches from a place of wanting his students to succeed outside of the room and not just in class. He wants us to work and to work a lot. He wants his teaching to be practical and immediately applicable. David has coached me to both ACTRA and CSA nominations. But more so, he has coached me to become a better, more giving, more present, and more alive actor. I will always and will continue to be very, very grateful to have worked with him for the past 16+ years.”

JORIS JARSKY (Saving Hope, Wynonna Earp)

“I love working with David. His technique helps me bring new insight to characters, deepening performances… what he teaches makes you a better actor, adds depth to performances…helps me look at characters in a way that I wouldn’t normally think of…it works seamlessly with the training I’ve had at theatre school, and is a godsend on those inevitable days on set where your don’t quite know what to do. I go to David’s techniques and find my way to truth.”