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Marvin Hinz

Instructor & Co-Artistic Director

On-Camera Acting Classes 0ffered in-studio


Introduction to On-Camera Acting
This is a class for actors who have made the choice to pursue acting professionally. Focusing primarily on scene study, these classes will reveal a specific method of acting for the camera created by David Rotenberg.  Students will be asked to work on the following: achieving Present Tense in front of the camera; working moment-to-moment; using primary emotional states of being; clarifying objectives; and using icons “to get you in” at the top of a scene.


On-Camera Acting (II & III)
A stronger focus on actions and tactical play (relationships), but otherwise a continuation of the process and technique established in Introduction to On-Camera Acting.  We will also spend more time on scene analysis and on how to continue to make salient, compelling choices specific to your work.

Advanced On-Camera (IV) & Preparing Auditions
A further step in the process: this is not a class for beginners. We will be applying such co
ncepts as deconstructing tropes and paradigms, working from drivers, and clarifying and defining the “metaphor of the action.”  Part of the session will be dedicated to audition preparation and interpreting sides.


Interpreting Sides for Film and TV (in-studio and over Zoom)
Don’t Get Suckered by the Script!  This class was created in response to numerous requests from students who are “stuck” when confronted with the task of auditioning with thin, minimal or poorly-written sides or breakdowns. Students will be encouraged to bring in “real-life” examples to analyze whenever possible. Some table work will be required, as we examine scripts and scenes (both “good” and “bad”), looking at how to define icons, beats, and “moments before.” Our goal is to be consistent and to make stronger, more effective choices with whatever audition material we are given.  In some cases, students will be sent sides two-days before, to simulate the "crunch" process and as a way of addressing time constraints and problems that occur.

Acting Fundamentals
This is a class designed for beginner actors who want a better understanding of how to get present, to define actions (or objectives), to play tactics, and to access truthful and authentic emotions. We will run exercises to de-construct and embody text, access primary emotions, as well as examine how to improve your tactical choices in a scene or a monologue. The goal is always to make your work more consistent and more compelling. Scenes will be shot on-camera to allow for feedback and review of your takes and your adjustments.  This two-hour class is limited to 8 people and is closed to auditors.

Marvin Hinz

Marvin Hinz has worked in theatre and television for over 30 years, and holds an MFA in Acting from York University, where he first met and studied under David Rotenberg in 1994. Marvin also holds a Bachelor of Education from OISE, specializing in Intermediate-Senior, Literature and Theatre Studies.  Film and television credits include: Murdoch Mysteries, Impact (series); Believe Me (feature); Reign; The Firm (series); The Echo (feature); the CBC short “Unlocked”; CFC short “Two Brothers”; Mayday; Kevin Hill; Riding the Bus with My Sister; Street Time; Brian’s Song (feature); and Nero Wolfe. Marvin has shot over 40 professional commercials, and was featured in two Clio-Award winning campaigns. Selected theatre credits include: Carl in The Tank Range Project (Meaford Arts Collective /Springworks); Harry Brock in Born Yesterday (Capital Theatre, Port Hope); The Laramie Project (Studio180/ Buddies); Victor in Private Lives (The Globe, Regina); Joey in The Old Neighborhood (East-West, John Gordon).   Since 2015, Marvin has also operated the PRO ACTORS LAB STRATFORD studio in Stratford, Ontario, where he resides with his wife and two children.

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