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"…best acting course experience I’ve ever had. [Marvin Hinz] is a fantastic teacher…hilarious, charismatic, insightful, and so passionate about the work… very inspiring.  I’m looking forward to our continued practice...."
Chloe C., Actor

"For the past year, I have been taking classes with the amazing Jeff Clarke who has been able to help me channel my energy inward and project stillness on the screen. Since taking Jeff’s classes, my perspective on the work and the way I approach it has totally shifted and has made me a way better actor and more compelling actor to watch on screen. I would not be the actor that I am today if it wasn’t for the Pro Actor’s Lab method. Thanks, Jeff (and by extension David Rotenberg)!"

  --Bert Cardozo (Hallmark’s HOLIDAZED, UnisTV’s ST-NICKEL)

"Jeff [Clarke] has created a safe space at the ProActorsLab that allows us to exercise our craft, hearts, and imaginations. With so much industry experience of his own, he can lend a relative and empathetic eye to our work. Jeff has taught me to analyze scripts and text in a way that allows my unique voice and humanity as an actor to shine through. The truth is always encouraged at the Lab and that is what makes the work so compelling. I have more confidence in bringing my whole self to the work now. Even on a day where I’m left feeling like my acting muscles are crunchy or I’m hitting a wall or getting in my way - my hand is gently held by Jeff reminding me that it’s all part of the journey and the beauty of what we do. The Magic can exist everywhere--even in the mess!  I’ve been training at Pro Actor’s Lab continuously now for a few years."

       --Hannah Whitmore (Murdoch Mysteries, Just Cuddle, Walk in the Park)

 "The 'Lab' provides a very welcoming environment to hone your craft. Jeff Clarke is a fabulous teacher, as well as a great person. I highly recommend all of the classes on the roster."
--David Fisher (Nurses)

"Marvin [Hinz] is a wonderful coach who provides great insight and chooses roles that push actors to do their best…I look forward to continuing my training with him…."

 --Nolan M., Actor

 "Working with Jeff Clarke has been a key factor in building my confidence, skill set, and readiness to be on set. His way of working and creating a space for us to come in and make as many mistakes as possible has made all the difference in my acting. I’m always excited to come back to the 'gym'!"

--Nealee Bradshaw, Actor

"When you’re aiming to build your technique in this industry, there’s not much guidance out there on where to look. As someone who’s moved aimlessly around the block when it comes to acting schools/coaches, I found myself at home at Pro Actors. It was the first time I felt that notes on how to better my performance were not general, but rather specifically focused toward me and my tendencies. Every actor is different and responds differently, and I think Jeff truly sees that. He constructs and adapts his coaching based on the individual. Jeff treats the Lab like a gym. Just like a professional athlete needs to train and work on their craft all the time, so do actors.  I have found no other studio prepares you for what it’s like on set the way the Lab does, and it’s where I plan to stay."

 --Joey Belfiore (Letterkenny, Designated Survivor)

"I've always found Marvin Hinz's class to be a safe space to try out new things as I build my own process as an actor.  It's the one class I find myself coming back to time and time again. He's always willing to listen to my ideas about the scenes and characters he's given me, and he's taught me to really think about the circumstances my character is in, and how high the stakes really are in each given scene."
--Christina Z., Actor & Writer

"I have grown so much during my training with Jeff Clarke at PAL these last years. Not only as an actor, but most importantly in trusting myself and my instincts."

--Caroline Brassard, Actor

"I have nothing but positive things to say about my sessions with Marvin [Hinz]. I have been working with him for over a year now, and continue to learn, grow and challenge myself, all while being supported and encouraged to maintain authenticity in my acting. I would recommend Marvin to any actor: his classes are the perfect place to nurture your craft amongst people who are there to support and encourage your success."
–Katie W., Actor

"Pro Actors Lab’s method is both clear and wonderfully challenging.  The material has been like a field guide that I’ve referred to and applied to countless character studies. Marvin Hinz’s teaching is that of a relatable expert: totally approachable, with so much to offer; a great environment for learning."

--Kim R., Actor, Musician & Voice Performer

"I feel understood in Jeff’s class.  He creates a space where you can be honest. He’s inspired me to trust my instincts and find my own way in the work. An insightful question from Jeff and suddenly things feel alive, you’re connected to the scene. I’m lucky to be a student of his."

--Romeo Carere, Hudson & Rex, The Banana Splits Movie

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