The job of The Professional Actors Lab is to prepare you to work in the TV and film professions. We strongly advise that all actors new to the Lab audit an acting class to be sure that they know what they are purchasing. Actors in class may always request a new scene if the one assigned is not to their liking. Our training is dedicated to the professional actor’s question: “How do I make my work more compelling?”

Our studio is open and running in-person classes. David Rotenberg’s classes will be offered in-person and online (via Zoom). See the Apply Online page for more information.

PRO ACTORS LAB adheres to all provincial COVID guidelines. Moving forward every precaution will be taken to limit the risk associated with COVID, and we ensure that our students are offered a safe and supportive learning environment. We will continue to use face-masks and hand-sanitizer as a precaution. Anyone with cold or flu symptoms who is taking class must stay home. And any student who misses class will be guaranteed credit toward future classes with their (same) instructor, when they can return. Please take care, and we hope to see you all very soon!

David Rotenberg founded The Professional Actors Lab in 2004. He has over 30 years of experience as a writer, director and master acting teacher. See his bio for more information…