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Phyllis Cohen

General American Accent Workshops

Phyllis Cohen is a Knight-Thompson Speechwork Certified Dialect Coach. She teaches online workshops in the General American Accent through the Professional Actors Lab in Toronto, as well as a variety of other online dialect workshops. Besides coaching native English-speaking actors privately, she has a busy client list of non-native English speakers who wish to learn the General American Accent for work in and beyond the entertainment industry.

Phyllis Cohen

Before focusing her energy on dialect coaching, she had a successful career as an award-winning performer working in English and French, touring across Canada, and working in Los Angeles. On her return to Toronto, she worked as a singing coach and wrote music for theatre, film, and radio. She was a faculty member in the Undergraduate and Graduate Departments of Theatre at York University for nine years.

Phyllis is one of Toronto’s most sought-after dialect coaches, garnering testimonials that call her “fantastic” and “amazing,” and her workshops “awesome,” “the class that keeps on giving,” “time and money well spent.”

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